Hawk Hills Spring, South Bloomingville, OH


Intersection of routes 56 East and 664 North
South Bloomingville, OH 43152
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You will see a PVC pipe coming out of a rock. There is a small area to park your car, (not a paved parking lot), by the side of the road by the spring. The spring is right by the road and can be seen from the road. There are no signs.

Credit for doing the research to find this spring goes to Robb Yurisko, who found a lead, but wasn’t sure if the spring was still in existence. My partner and I followed his directions and found that it is still there, and took temperature and TDS readings and entered it here. The water feels like the cleanest purest water I’ve ever had.

Photos and blog post about finding the spring will be available on The Health Exhibitionist Blog… http://laurenmichellekinsey.com

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Nearest Address

Intersection of routes 56 East and 664 North

Directions from Nearest Address

Directions from Columbus Ohio: time: About 73 minutes / distance about 55 miles. Take 23 South to 22-56 East. The heart of Circleville, OH. Continue on 56 East for approx 25 miles. 7 miles outside of Laurelville, you reach the intersection of 56 East and 664 Turn right to continue on 56 East Spring is on the left at about 2 miles There is a shoulder in front of the spring and another across the road to park in. Ash Cave is past the spring. If you see it, turn around.

Vital Information

  • Fee: No Fee
  • Access: Private?
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: I took two readings with two TDS meters. The results were 16 and 14 PPM
  • Temp: 48.3 F
  • pH: N/A

Hours Spring is Open:

There were no signs showing limited hours, so I assume it’s always open.


Map Link: Hawk Hills Spring Map

Submitted by: Lauren Michelle Kinsey

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  1. Charity says:

    My husband and I live in Los Angeles, but were married at Ash Cave. We’re going back this fall and are renting a cabin with a bunch of friends. I will certainly be making a special excursion to this spring!

    There’s another spring that I grew up drinking from in the Newark, Ohio area. If I can find it again in October, I’ll be sure to submit it to the site.

    Oh – and if anyone ever makes their way to Northern California, be sure to check out Wilbur Hot Springs. It’s amazing, and Daniel’s videos about it are very informative.

  2. Safagaia says:

    We filled up 5 jugs at this spring on Saturday. It was running kind of slow and took about 45 minutes to get 25 gallons. But it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the view while waiting. A local stopped by and said the spring was running slower than usual, but the water is well worth the wait! It’s Delicious!! So much better than the processed, dead “store-bought” water we’ve been drinking. We will be making the trip at least once a month!

  3. SJB says:

    …have been getting 45 gallons there every 6 weeks for over 10 years. Unsurpasable. Fill rate varies between 50 sec per gallon to 2 minutes per gallon. Purity is evidenced by the occasional salamander egg that will hitch a ride in a 5 gal bottle in the spring and show up as a hatched wriggler. I’ve had this happen 3-4 different times. They are to spring water what the canary was to coal mines. ie They are a GOOD thing.

  4. bobz says:

    Filled up my jugs twice at this spring while on vacation in the area. Great water. Talked to a local nurse who was also filling up, and she highly recommended this spring as being the purest in the area.
    You can see the water coming out of the rock, it is then collected into a PVC pipe, and bottles are easy to fill. Flow was quite good, under a minute per gallon.

  5. Shelle says:

    We have been getting our drinking water at Hawk Hill spring since early this year.  Tastes delicious!  And with the low amount of TDS, we feel pretty confident that the water is pure.  However – i’ve just ordered a full spectrum Water Contaminant test kit from http://www.watertestamerica.com and will post the results here when I receive them!  The test i’ve ordered also shows any contamination from fracking!

  6. Shelle says:

    Just got the water test back – PH=6.21, Hardness=57 mg/L Total Dissolved Solids=30.9 mg/L, no heavy metals, no PCB’s, DDE, DDT, no Pesticides, no VOC’s.  One of the few things this test doesn’t include is a test for Glyphosate, Round-up, which requires a separate, expensive, test.  i guess we’ll take our chances on that for now! 

    • Sierra says:

      Hi, do you happen to know if the spring is still accessible? Thank you 🙂

    • Grace says:

      Thanks for posting this. Just a heads up, if you want to test for frack waste contaminants (because frack waste is dumped in this part of Ohio), you need to get a BTEX test. This will test for Benzene, Toluene, EthylBenzene, and Xylenes, which are common fracking contaminants. Regular water tests won’t test for BTEX. Thank you for sharing this info!

  7. Denie says:

    Thank you very much for sharing the results!

  8. Kimberly Moore says:

    Just filled up today and the water is amazing and the area is beautiful. Here is a website that discusses the spring and shows a video of it as well for newcomers. http://m.innatcedarfalls.com/blog/2011/06/20/natural-spring-in-hocking-hills/

    • Renett says:

      I love this water, went on Jan 12, 2015, and someone broke the pipe off and moved the rock. I hope it can be fixed. Other springs around me are well springs. Someone let me know if it can be fixed.

  9. Sierra says:

    Is the spring still accessible?

  10. Sara says:

    We went yesterday. The directions in the description should read 2.5 miles from the intersection of 56 and 664 (not 2 miles). We had a difficult time finding it but on our third pass we spotted it. After we finished 3 more cars pulled up so it seems to be a popular spot.

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Signup to get credit for contributing your springs, photos, ratings, comments, water tests, etc.  We're expanding the site with new features to help bring the global community together.