Crystal Springs, Scroggins, TX


Texas 37
Scroggins, TX 75480
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This spring is in a setting of rock walls, pools, and a well enclosure.

Make sure you fill from either the top layer of the water flow or from the faucet. This will minimize any extra sediment in your collection.

Nearest Address

Texas 37 Scroggins, TX 75480

Directions from Nearest Address

From I30 take 37 south for 6.5 miles. When you pass Purley, you will see a sign for a picnic area, the spring is on the left.

Vital Information

  • Fee: None
  • Access: Public
  • Flow: Continuous
  • TDS: 107
  • Temp: 55° F
  • pH: 6.7

Hours Spring is Open:



33° 4’19.33″N, 95°16’4.66″W

Map Link: Crystal Springs Map

Submitted by: Rami Barsoum

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  1. Scherry Hodges says:

    Is that near paris, texas?

  2. l'amor says:

    Went to the spring and tested the water. This spring is appeared to be the worst quality spring I have been to. The total dissolved solids was 107 and above, the water was relatively warm 55 degrees, and there was a white film collecting in the small catchments. If you are in the dallas area, I recommend the frankston/cuney with a total dissolved solids in the low twenties.

    • Tess says:

      Lamorlife, did you ever test the water at Comal Springs, New Braunfels or Aquarina in San Marcos? Can I gather water from either of these sites? If so, how and where? I’m desparately trying to find a low ph, no chlorine, no flouride water. . .can you please help me? Thanks, Tex

      • Scherrystarr says:

        I live near Austin. I have thought about San Marcos and New Braunfels but there is not way to gather water at these places, they are pools that collect all sorts of bacteria while sitting. I believe the safe way to collect spring water is from a spicket connected to the source of the spring. I have gathered at Frankston/Cuney. The water is precious, I loved it!!! But oh so far away. I am thinking of making another trip there in a month or two. I may even gather for others if you are interested.

  3. scherryhodges says:

    Thanks for the info. My son lives near Tyler and just bottled me some water from Frankston-Cuney. It tastes wonderful!!! I had some ph papers and tested it at 6.7 but not sure how accurate that is. I live in Austin and can't find anything closer, can you?

  4. l'amor says:

    well the gorman spring, new braunfels and san marcos spring are close to you…if you are in austin. My friend and I are either going to journey down to new braunfels tomorrow to check out the scoop on this one, or maybe even go to the pike spring in arkansas, which is about the same distance for me as the ones near you… I will share my discoveries where ever we go..

  5. scherryhodges says:

    Please keep me updated! I will check into the springs that you mentioned but I don't think that there is a way to collect the water, I believe it bubbles up and into a pool that recieves direct sunlight, as does the Comal in New Braunfels. Oh I hope that I am wrong!

  6. Lamorlife says:

    yeah I went here too, and turned away not drinking the water. Frankston/cuney is the best I have found in the Dallas vicinity.

  7. Caleb Eaton says:

    I disagree with everyone who favors the Frankston spring over this one. I live halfway between both. I ignored this spring for months because the one in Frankston seems to get all the praises. Finally, during the drought of 2011, the Frankston one almost dried up and the little that dribbled out tasted funny. I came to Crystal Springs and LOVE IT. During the worst of the drought, the flow was far better than the best I had ever seen in Frankston. Water tastes better. Possibly a little cooler, though both springs are relatively warm, as previously noted. I have no testing equipment yet, so can’t provide all those details. But the aesthetics and everything else about Crystal Springs tells me it is far superior to Frankston. I’ll see if I can provide a comparison video soon.

  8. Mike says:

    I collected 10 gals of water on July 16 2012 TDS was 106 and the temp was 77 degrees was water was slightly  cloudy and had a metallic taste.  I added ada clarity to the water and used a pur pitcher filter and used all 10 gal and it tasted good after filtering it.     

  9. faitheliza says:

    Thanks Caleb and Mike. This will be the closest spring for me. And filtering with charcoal won’t bother me. It is TX and heat (even under ground) is fine with me. I can always cool or freeze it.

  10. Tiffany T says:

    Crystal springs changes constantly depending on time of year and changes in other conditions. It’s usually very good and not too cloudy but I have gathered where it was cloudy.

  11. Caleb Eaton says:

    Crystal Springs is no longer viable. Water started getting a bad flavor a couple years ago, then the water started including a rust-colored fungus. A year ago the flow stopped altogether. I think tree roots clogged the primary channel.

    The water is still flowing, but it just popped through uphill, mostly on private/fenced land, and a steady trickle of water runs to the public highway right-of-way where it drains down the side of the highway and into a ditch.

    I suspect restoration would require some coordination between state and county bureaucrats and the private landowner. I haven’t felt inspired to push for it. I’m hoping locals who live closer will get serious about it.

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Signup to get credit for contributing your springs, photos, ratings, comments, water tests, etc.  We're expanding the site with new features to help bring the global community together.