Cascading Brook Spring, Virginia


Behind 52-68-69 Amber Ridge Place,
Kearneysville, West Virginia, 25430
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This lovely miniature spring boasts many features including a small brook, two islands, A small Waterfall, and a beautiful park. This brook/spring starts under a small field as an artesian well. Over time the artesian well got very wearry, and started to crack, and burst open, causing water to flow into a small ravine to create the creek. After many years, erosion eroded the ravine even deeper, and deeper, to make a great place for the creek. After many years, the creek which used to be on a farm, wasn’t on a farm any longer. The owner of the farm sold his land to builders, which eventually, the old farm became a bustling neighborhood. The builders of the neighborhood found out about the creek, and left it alone. After another 13 years, a kid from the neighborhood, went exploring with his friends, and accidentally found out about this creek. Ever since he found out about it, he has been going there, and creating beautiful masterpieces at the creek.





Posted: June 21, 2019


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