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Posted: March 7, 2017

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Buffalo Springs Rd, Buffalo Junction, VA 24529

Buffalo Junction, VA 24529
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Buffalo Springs national historic site.

From South Boston head east on US-58 E About 13 miles Turn left onto State Rte 767 and travel 0.2 mi on left is Buffalo Springs National Historic Site, Buffalo Springs Road, Buffalo Junction, VA 24529. Spring is next to white gazebo.

This was once a well known spring in the late 1800’s. People came from all around to drink from the lithium containing waters before they even knew that today we use lithium to treat bipolar disorder and treatment resistant depression.

An old Geologic Survey of 1886 shows  mineral springs of the united states and the mineral content of this spring.

It has 3 springs listed and I don’t know the one that is represented at this historic site. Spring 1 and 2 have 1.48 and 2.25 grains/imperial gallon of lithium bicarbonate. Spring 3 has only trace amounts of lithia (different compound). By converting to mg/L which is standard convention today we have 21.1 mg/L of lithium in spring 1 and 32.1 mg/L of lithium in spring 2. If you drink a liter from spring 1 this is 1/40 of the modern dosing for mental disorders today which is around 900 to 1800 mg/day. Although side effects vary greatly at these high doses. Perhaps God has put the best dose with the other synergistic minerals coming out of these springs.

Another study shows longevity in a worm C. elegans associated with lithium  at a concentration of 20 mM which is 138 mg/L .

Finally the last study I will mention took place in Japan with different cities drinking different water associated with differing concentrations of lithium. Not only was their decreased suicide but also increased longevity with suicides removed from the statistical data. These concentrations were 0.059 mg/l of lithium. These concentrations are much lower but realize these cities were not intentionally putting lithium in their water.

These lithium spring waters that we have are some of the rarest mineral waters on earth. I ask kindly that we drink from these waters and do not seek to gain prophets from water that should be free for all. The last thing we need is another bottling plant. Please contribute to the discussion Here on reddit.