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Posted: July 6, 2016

Category: California,North America,United States


Empire Grade

Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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This spring is the source of Wilder Creek. It is located in Cave Gulch. To get there, you take an unnamed trail that connects between lower UCSC property and the Engelsmans Loop Trail. Google Maps shows this trail. This is an invaluable resource for hikers and mountain bikers traveling through Wilder Ranch State Park. North of this spring is a rocky, dry creek bed with fallen trees and South is full of water, so following the water will help you find its location. The spring is to the right side and is covered with rocks (a canopy). I collected a sample from this source and tested it under a microscope. I did not find any living microorganisms, only trace amounts of plant and mineral residue. I have ingested this water with no illness or noticeable side effects. I believe this to be pure, potable water.