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Posted: July 27, 2016

Category: Canada,Ontario


2081 Grand Blvd

Burlington, ON L7P 0N1
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I was selfishly holding this spring back for my own use/ it is on private land.  However, I just learned that Mr. Rozati have passed and I will share this spring in his honor and in a spirit of his tremendous contributions.  You can enter the property from Cedar Springs Rd.  There is no gate, but there is a camera and ‘No Trespassing’ sign.  The locals don’t mind visitors and send friendly ‘hellos’ my way every time that I come to their bucolic community.  Please, always, be courteous during your visit.  You may also come in via the Bruce Trail with a trail-head and 5-hour free public parking available at Britannia Rd and Blind Line.  The fountain is superbly designed and well maintained.  It has a roof and a pipe at a convenient level to fill up your jugs.  It is located just after the first bridge coming in from CS Road over a tributary to Bronte.    You may also enjoy a poem carved into a structure.  Enjoy and best of health.