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Posted: June 16, 2016

Category: Alberta,Canada,North America


Hwy 567 & Big Hill Springs Trail

Calgary, Alberta T2K1H6
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Big Hill Springs Provincial Park in Alberta occupies approximately 26 Hectares of land with a unique history behind it’s pastoral facade. Situated in the rolling foothills of the Rockies, on Highway 567,  10 km. north of Cochrane.  The valley was formed by Glacial migration and subsequent  inland sea that filled the valley. A Coulee forms the lower end of the park while the rest is forest and a series of small waterfalls that cascade gently over Tufa Rock formations forming a clear warm spring fed stream that flows all year round. The Tufa forms when Limestone deposits from Carbonate and minerals mix with warm water to form layers over the years of  calcium carbonate,  (Calcite) not unlike what you would see inside your teapot if it was never cleaned of it’s mineral buildup.  These formations are delicate and subject to Eco damage.

Location: Highway 567 and Big Hill Springs Trail, 10 km. north of Cochrane